Forever Essential Oils Diffuser

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Use your diffuser in conjunction with Forever™ Essential Oils to tap into your senses and infuse the air with the power of nature.  The Forever™ Essential Oils Diffuser’s illuminating light complements the powerful aromatic experience, gradually changing to create an inviting and relaxing visual.  Refresh and revitalize your space with the Forever™ Essential Oils Diffuser!

  •  Ultra high capacity of 200 mL
  •  Extended diffusion time of 6-8 hours
  •  Plugs into a standard 120 volt outlet
  •  Covers an area of 450 sq. ft. LED lighting of various settings, colors and brightness
    – Includes a ‘No Light Mode’ and ‘Breathing Mode’ (lighting up gradually and fading slowly to assist in breathing and meditation)
  •  Auto shut off safety system for easy refilling


Note: Forever Essential Oils Diffuser is not sold in stores, you can only buy it from Independent Distributors of Forever Living Products or through online stores.