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Forever Living Products (FLP) has grown from the dream of one man into the dream of millions of distributors and eager consumers. Rex Maughan had dreamt of a business idea that would bring together two goals that were closest to his heart: better health, and financial freedom. He finally figured it out in 1978. He discovered that by combining a new set of natural alternatives for improving health with a marketing plan, he achieved a greater sense of wellbeing, at the same time gaining greater control over how he spent his time and earned an income.

Forever Living and its affiliates are the World’s Largest grower, manufacturer and distributor of Aloe Vera and products of the Hive and have around $3 Billion turnover in worldwide retail sales. It also has over 10 million Forever Business Owners ( FBOs ) in over 155 countries worldwide, after having been in the business for just over 37 years and has established a name that is synonymous with trust and reliability. We belongs to Health and Wellness Industry.

The Health And Nutrition Industry

In today’s competitive and fast paced world the term “Health ” is gaining back its significance. We have often neglected the age old saying- “Health is the Best Wealth”, but today the world and in particular.Its all about being at the right at the right time! Every Industry had its boom. Some of the are still going strong while some have faded away gradually, whilst some are not in a position to keep peace with the ever changing demands and needs of society.

We are fortunate enough to be standing at the very beginning of the next trillion dollar industry. The health and wellness industry which will impact almost every aspect of our lives within the next 10 years.

TODAY,in this new millennium it is the Health, Nutrition and Beauty Care Industry that has gained recognition and significance. This is an industry which cannot have a shelf life as it promotes the general well being of an individual! Everyone wants to be healthy, fit and look beautiful. So if “You” are some among them, then “You” are in the Right place at the Right Time!.

FLP offers you a range of products related to Personal Care, Weight Management, Skin & Beauty Care, Animal Care and of course Health & Nutrition and uses “Aloe Vera”as the main ingredient in the products. FLP also provides an opportunity for you to be Healthy and at the same time Wealthy.

Network Marketing is The Business of The 21st Century

Network Marketing is one of the world’s fastest growing methods of marketing and distribution of products. It works on the principle of word of mouth Publicity. As the name suggests it involves developing a network of people around “You”, who would be engaged in buying and selling of products that are manufactured by the Network Marketing companies.

In simple words it is a relationship business; it is about helping people build a business ( Networking ) or focusing on your customers for your products and services (Retailing). Network Marketing really is an unseen business and it is all about sales. It is a business in which anyone can put in a small sum of money and through sheer determination and hard work achieve staggering levels of financial reward and personal freedom. But it requires education based on market tested results.

Network Marketing is all about sales and distribution , but a different kind of sales where you build your business through a network of people in which everyone contributes a little rather than one person doing all the work. Its more of a soft sale or recommendation than the hard closing type that you are accustomed to.

Example :

Lets talk about you….

You work 8 hours in a day × 5 days a week × 50 weeks in a year = 2000 hours per year……means let’s say YOU work for 40 years… means 2000 hours × 40 year in a lifetime = You have 80000 hours in a lifetime.

YOU working 8 hours a day × YOU have 80000 hours in a lifetime× Paid @Rs.200/- per hour = Income earned in a lifetime Rs.1.6 Crores.

Let’s look at top businessmen

Top Businessman × Employees 10000 people each working 8 hours a day = The company Businessman has 80,000 hours in a day.

Top Businessman with 10000 people working 8 hours a day × The businessman has 80000 hours in a day × Profit@Rs 50 per hour = Profit per week= Rs 2 Crores

That’s the Magic of Time and Money It is possible into Network Marketing Industry.

Today, Network Marketing Industry is a Multi Billion Dollar industry which makes millionaires through core values, ethics and sound business principles and FLP is proud to be one such company.

Elements of Network Marketing – Team Building And Retails Sales

Team Building :-

Team Building refers to building a team or network of like minded people who would work together as a close unit. As a FBO in Network Marketing you are the boss of your own business, but for you to be successful,the efforts of your down lines / success lines or team members, also plays a crucial role. In other words you need to have a very strong team of people working with you, which would indirectly be favourable to you.

Retail Seles :-

Individual who join , they buy the products from the company and retail the same directly to the customers through their network without any middle-men or agent being involved. This is the greatest asset of this industry – from Manufacturer to the FBO ( Forever Business Owner ) and then directly to the end user (Retail Consumer).Every FBO maintains his/her level in retail sales for his/her retail customers each month.

A Great Way to Start a Whole New Life With Forever Living! 

Why Forever Living ?

In the new millennium, Health & Wellness industry has also gained importance. Everyone wants to “feel good and be healthy”.
You are looking at a company that offers the combination of these two major growing industries in today’s world -Network Marketing and Health & Nutritional Products. FLP offers you this golden opportunity.

FLP takes pride in being in operations for over 37 years with core values, business ethics and culture, sound business and marketing policies. This allows us to guarantee the quality of FLP products to our millions of customers and FBOs who depend on them for a healthier and more rewarding livelihood. We maintain the highest standard of quality in the industry and it is our endeavor to give you the best we have to offer. And this aim is met not only in the product quality, but we have integrated this belief into the design and the packaging of our products as well.

FLP also offers a wide spectrum of income earning capacity from your first step as a FBO and then depending upon the level you achieve in the company’s Marketing Plan. We can proudly claim the we are one of the only companies that offers Automatic Retail Profit on the purchase of the newly sponsored direct FBOs. Some more areas of income are retail profits, Novus customer profit or Automatic Retail Profits, team bonus, leadership bonus, car plan and many more.

Apart form above there are numerous other features and benefits that FLP offers which distinguishes it from the rest of the Network Marketing companies :

  • No joining or membership fees. You can do Free online Registration
  • No Annual fees or renewal fees
  • No Targets at all…its your business …you have to decide at what level you want to reach and live your dream.
  • You can do this Business in 155 countries by just sitting at Home.
  • No need of capital or Investment. You can order / purchase products whenever you want.
  • Its Generation Income Business. You can transfer your business to your next Generation.
  • We have Best Products and Income plan which can give you Health and Wealth
  • You can earn 9 type of Income.
  • No Targets / No Pressure from Company. Its ” Your Business ” and you have to decide at what level you want to reach.
  • Earn retail profit upto 43% + 2/4 types of bonus as per levels.
  • Automatic 15% retail profit by New Distributor purchase
  • Bonuses paid on retail value of products.
  • Free trainings & seminars provided by company.
  • Never revert from a positions / Level.
  • No pass ups.
  • Income depends on your own hard work. No Limitation



Types of Incomes and Incentives offered at Forever Living Products :

1. Retail Profit : Up to 43% Retail profit.
2. Novus Customer Profit : Automatic Retail Profit of 15% on personally sponsored Novus Customer Purchases.
3. Personal Bonus : 5% to 18% on retail sales of your group.
4. Novus Customer Bonus : 5% to 18% on personally sponsored novus ( personally sponsored who are not yet reached at Asst. Supervisor level) customers or their downlines.
5. Volume Bonus : 3% to 13% on retail sales of your group volume.
6. Leadership Bonus : 6%, 3%, 2% on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Generation managers.
7. Gem Bonus : Increased earnings on downline managers.
8. Earned Incentive Program (Forever2Drive): Rs 21600/- to Rs.43200/-
9. Domestic Travel : All expenses paid trip for two.
10. Global Rally : Win exotic trips around the world.
11. Chairman’s Bonus : Qualify for yearly Chairman’s Bonus program.
12. Eagle Managers Retreat : Qualify & travel to exotic International Destination every year.

Note: CC means Case credit means a value/points assigned to each product to calculate sales activity to determine advancements, bonus, awards and earned incentives for the FBO as set forth in the FLP Marketing Plan. All case credits are calculated on a Month by Month basis.
(See Income Plan Video at the bottom of this page )



Income Plan :

Step 1:-
New Distributor-

* Upto 15% retail profit.

* You have to complete your 2CC in two consecutive months / one month / one day to get upto 35% Wholesale Qualified distributor Price forever ….Long Life

Step 2:- ( Eligibility 2CC)
Assistant Supervisor-

* Upto 30% Retail profit,
* 15% New Distributor profit,
* Plus 5% bonus on personal retail sales.

Step 3:- ( Eligibility 25CC)

* Upto 30% retail profit,
* 15% New Distributor profit,
* Plus 8% bonus on personal retail sales,
* Plus 3% bonus on Assistant Supervisor Group retail sales.

Step 4:- ( Eligibility 75CC)
Assistant Manager-

* Upto 30% retail profit,
* 15% New Distributor profit,
* Plus 13% bonus on personal retail sales,
* Plus 5% bonus on Supervisor Group retail sales,
* Plus 8% bonus on Assistant Supervisor Group retail sales.

Step 5:- ( Eligibility 120CC)

* Upto 30% retail profit,
* 15% New Distributor profit,
* Plus 18% bonus on personal retail sales,
* Plus 5% bonus on Assistant Manager Group sales,
* Plus 10% bonus on Supervisor Group retail sales,
* Plus 13% bonus on Assistant Supervisor Group retail sales.

And more levels…..  See Slideshow at the bottom of page to get more details


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